Discover The History Of Mumbai City during ICCN 2017

Mumbai is a city that for most of its history was known as Bombay. For a very long part of the history of this city, it was controlled by the Portuguese. The name Bombay comes from a word in Portuguese that means good Bay. But in the mid-1600s the Portuguese princess married the King of England, and as part of the agreement to the marriage, Portugal gave control of the city to England. England kept the name Bombay, and the city went by that name for the entire time it was governed by England.

In the most recent survey, it was found that over 20 million people are located in the capital city of Mumbai which makes it the most highly populated city per square meter of any other city in the world. It makes it more densely populated than the city of New York, Hong Kong, and even Tokyo. The city is responsible for producing 5% of India’s entire GDP and is by far, the wealthiest city in Central Asia.

During the ICCN 2017 conference you will also discover that the city sits on a land mass that originally was made up of 7 separate Islands. But starting in the late seventeen hundreds, the islands began to merge and eventually became one single landmass. The Bay is a vital shipping route for many country’s exports. Many economic analysts believe that India is likely to become among the world’s super powers if it’s able to fully capitalize on its resources. Others see India as a place that has a great chance of improving its economic future, but they are not as convinced it can become a superpower.

The city of Mumbai is seen as the most significant player and the center of India’s economic future. As such, anyone who’s wanting to get involved with the future of India should likely start with Mumbai and ICCN 2017 is the best way to get started.